10 Diet And Nutrition Tips From A Dietician

Simple healthy eating strategies.
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2. Make grilling safer

The high heat of grilling reacts with proteins in meat and fish, creating heterocyclic amines which are linked to cancer. And when fat from meats drips onto hot coal, another carcinogen, polycylic aromatic hydrocarbons, is also created and get transferred to the meat via smoke. Croft-o'Halloran suggests these tips to cut the risks:

  • Precook meat in microwave for 1 minute to cut down on grilling time
  • Grill foods in foil to keep smoke out
  • Marinading meats before cooking reduces HCA levels. Bonus: The ingredients used in marinades (citrus juices, herbs, spices and olive oil) are rich in cancer-fighting anti-oxidants
  • Cut away badly charred parts of the meat before eating

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