Portion Distortion: How Much Are You Really Eating?

Plus: Painless ways to cut sneaky calories and lose weight.
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Eyeball your food

Using visual cues help you be more aware of reasonable portion sizes.

FoodPortion SizeVisual Cues
Bagel1 smallHockey puck
Beans1/2 cupRounded handful
Bread1 slice2 CD cases
Butter1 teaspoonYour fingertip
Cheese1 ounceYour thumb
Chocolate1 ouncePack of dental floss
Chopped raw vegetables1 cupBaseball
Dry cereal1 cupTennis ball
Fish3 ouncesCheckbook
Mayonnaise1 tablespoonYour thumb tip
Meat and poultry3 ouncesDeck of cards
Milk8 ounces1 cup
Nuts1 ounce2 full shot glasses
Pasta1/2 cupRounded handful
Peanut butter1 tablespoonYour thumb tip
Potato1 smallComputer mouse
Raisins1/4 cupGolf ball
Salad dressing1 tablespoonYour thumb tip

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