30 Ways To Cut 100 Calories

Lose up to 10 lbs in a year, just by trimming 100 calories a day! We show you how.
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Desserts minus the sin

  1. Desserts needn't be on the ban list when you're watching your weight. Try sharing a cake or ice-cream with your partner or friend to split the calories. Share a slice of cheesecake, for example, and you'll halve the calories from 250 calories to 125, and the fat from 18 grams to 9.
  2. Splitting a wedge of chocolate cake? Your calorie count drops from 235 calories to 118.
  3. If you divide a scoop of chocolate ice cream (250 calories and 12g fat) and share it with a friend, you'll save 125 calories and 6 grams fat.
  4. Having your ice-cream in a cup (instead of a cone) will save you 118 calories.
  5. Can't say no to a pie? Remove the bottom crust and you'll downsize by 100 calories.

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