Best Exercises For Your Heart


I have heard that while running is good for your heart, it can be hard on the knees. So what are some other exercises that I can do to improve my cardiovascular fitness?

You're right that long-distance running can wear out the body because of all that pounding.

To train your heart, I would recommend non-impact sports that recruit muscles throughout the body, such as swimming and rowing. The more muscles you involve in your exercise, the harder your heart must work to fuel them all, and this strengthens your heart.

You can also try interval training, which is about alternating short bursts of high-intensity exercise with longer periods of active recovery. For instance, incorporate 1 minute of brisk walking for every 3 minutes of walking at a normal speed. Continuously increasing and lowering your heart rate improves your cardiovascular fitness and burns calories.

Yoga is another heart-healthy option, which helps lower blood pressure and also strengthens your core.

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