5 Reasons Why Yo-Yo Diets Don't Work

Why you ought to stop the yo-yo vicious cycle.
Still battling weight problems with yo-yo diets? Here are 5 reasons why you should really put an end to all those miserable cycles of weight loss and regain.

What Are Yo-Yo Diets?
Yo-yo dieting (or weight cycling) is the repeated pattern of losing body weight then gaining it back through episodes of diets. Each cycle, the weight loss or gain can be anywhere ranging from 2kg to 20kg or more.

Any diet that includes bouts of starvation, missing meals, cutting out certain food groups entirely, or very low calories produces the yo-yo effect (losing weight and putting it back on).

Reason #1: Yo-yo weight loss induces muscle loss.
Very low-calorie fad diets or crash diets cause hunger to set in, triggering the body to break down lean muscle to access the nutrients the body needs.

In other words, the amount of weight you have lost does not all come from body fat loss. In fact, the drop in weight is mainly due to water and muscle loss.

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