Trend Report: Winge (Wig Fringe)

Get instant, sexy bangs -- with this hot clip-on hair accessory.
Bangs are so pretty and they're like timelessly trendy. But let's face it, they're kind of high-maintenance and need constant trimming and combing to stay in shape. And let's not even get started on the chore of growing them out.

If only you can magically grow instant bangs on days you feel like it, and make them go away when you don't. Well, actually you can -- with the 'winge' (that's a clip-on wig fringe), a clever innovation by celebrity hairdresser Daniel Hersheson.

You simply clip it on (like a hair extension) and voila, instant bangs. The perfect solution for those of us who are commitment phobes. Another bonus: You're spared the extra blow-drying time required to tame those stubbornly wayward cow licks.

The best part of all? If you've been contemplating about trying out bangs, but are a little apprehensive about how they will turn out, the winge lets you take the plunge risk-free.

Hersheson's Sharp Winge gives the illusion of a full, blunt fringe while The Rock Chick Winge offers feathered, sexy bangs for a little rock-and-roll attitude.

Hersheson's winges come in a variety of colors to match your natural shade -- from black brown to blonde. But if you're feeling bold, there are also look-at-me red and baby pink to channel your inner Gaga.

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