Top 6 Makeup Dilemmas -- Solved!

Check out these expert-tested solutions for common makeup glitches.
Makeup dilemma #4:

Undereye circles

Expert advice: "To hide undereye darkness, pick a shade slightly lighter than your skin tone. Consistency matters: The creamier the texture, the less coverage you'll get. The drier it is, the more coverage you'll receive and the longer it will last," explains Trish McEvoy.

More tips: Use your ring finger to apply concealer, then pat and press.

Makeup dilemma #5:

Concealer cakes

Expert advice: "Concealer tends to cake when it gets dried out," explains Max Factor Movie Makeup Artist Michelle Burke. "So be sure to moisturize and apply a healthy dose of eye cream before making up."

More tips: Apply foundation first then dot concealer on extremely lightly and only where it's absolutely needed. Blend edges away with a brush to diminish product that could change texture.

Makeup dilemma #6:

Lipstick disappears

Expert advice: "The way to get your lipstick to last longer is to apply it to clean lips (a matte formula works best.) Then take lip pencil, outline your lips and fill in entire lip with pencil. This will keep lipstick on for hours," suggests Bobbi Brown.

More tips: Use a lipliner (applied to the entire mouth) before your lipstick to anchor the color. Apply lipstick and blot with a tissue three to four times.

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