Dress Tips That Slim Big Hips

Best trousers, skirts and dresses for the pear-shaped figure.

If you're eternally griping about your too-big hips, welcome to the club. Mother Nature might have been overly generous when it comes to our haunches, but take heart: There are smart ways to cheat nature. Check out these slimming dress tips that help disguise a pear-shaped bottom.


Shopping for trousers can be tricky if you have curvy hips, but when you know what style flatters your figure, finding a properly-fitting pair is a cinch:

  • Look for flat-front pants with straight legs. These styles are best because they don't bulk up the hip area with extra fabric from the pleating. Straight legs also balance out a heavy bottom by visually slimming wide hips.

  • Steer clear of high-waisted, tapered pants which will emphasize the pear shape. If you love skinny-leg pants, teaming with a tunic top will help disguise big hips.

  • Your most flattering jean is the boot-cut which will help balance out the bottom half of your body. To further shave off pounds, pick a pair in a darker wash such as indigo or black.

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