Get Selena Gomez's Cool Summer Style

Learn the star's fashion tricks to looking fashionably cool in the hot season.
Summer may be the sweltering time of the year, but that doesn't mean you can't look -- and stay -- fashionably cool. Take a style inspiration from Selena Gomez for an effortless, fresh summer look.

Style inspiration: A cool headband
Wearing your hair up lets you keep your cool as the mercury rises. Accessories like a retro polka-dot headband scarf instantly dresses up a casual ponytail or bun for a cute, retro-esque look. If you don't have a headband, you can easily construct one from a scarf -- fold it in half into a triangle then roll up and tie around the head, making a tight knot at your nape.

Style inspiration: Cool oversized earrings
Hair worn up lets you flaunt those statement earrings, which are very much on trend this season. A pair of large hoop earrings like Gomez's are a summertime classic.

Style inspiration: Cool shades
Much more than a fashion accessory, sunglasses also protect your eyes from the sun's harmful UV rays. A large pair of shades like Gomez's is ultra-trendy, and also shields your peepers from most angles. When you're shopping for one, look for the label that says 99% or 100% UV protection.

Style inspiration: A cool top and denim cut-offs
Loose, airy clothes are a good bet in the hotter months and lets your skin breathes. Go for lightweight cotton and linen and stay away from tight, synthetics like polyester. Top it off with a pair of denim cut-off shorts that channels laid-back cool. (You can snip your own DIY cut-offs from an old pair of jeans.)

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