How Do I Determine My Skin Tone?


How do I determine my skin undertone and which makeup colors flatter me?

Just observe the veins inside your wrist under natural light. Do they have a greenish or bluish hue? If they look green, you have a warm undertone like the majority of women. If it's the latter, then you have a cool tone.

As far as foundation, powder, and blush are concerned, they are considered the 'base' makeup and thus you should always choose the shades that work in harmony with your natural skin tone. This ensures that your makeup look flawless and natural.

The shade of your foundation and powder should be as close to your natural color as possible. As for blush, go for peach or dusty rose if you're warm-toned; pick pink or coral if you have a cool undertone.

The fun part comes when you get to eyeshadows and lip color, because you can afford to experiment with different palettes -- even clashing ones! If you want a subtle look, go for colors that work with your skin tone. To give your look a pop of contrast, choose from the colors that 'clash':

  • Warm undertone: Bronze, light brown, cream, taupe, gold
  • Cool undertone: Pale blue, lavender, mauve, plum, pink, silver

  • Lips
  • Warm undertone: Warm red, brown red, orangey-brown
  • Cool undertone: Rich red, pink, orange, fuchsia

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