Butt-Flattering Jeans


I'm shopping for jeans that can perk up my rear view. Any suggestions?

Transforming your booty is as asy as slipping into the right pair of jeans. To achieve a sexy tush, look out for back pockets that tilt inward to provide the illusion of a narrow, lifted backside.

If the back pockets have decorative embroidery stitchings or detailings all the better! Contrasting embellishments help draw attention to the curvy part of the butt and add fullness and dimension where you want it.

Another easy trick to looking bootylicious: Pick a pair with a low-set V yoke (the V-shaped seam that runs above the back pockets) which will make your rear look extra-perky.

And finally, if you have a pear-shaped figure, balance your proportion by choosing a dark, slightly flared bootcut or a straight leg to visually trim the hips and keep your legs looking lean.


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