Necklines For Your Face Shape & Body Type

Plus, learn stylists' tips on choosing necklines that work for you.

Necklines for Your Neck and Shoulders

If you have a short or thick neck, elongate the neck with cowl-necks, scoop-necks or V-necks. This style will expose any double-chin, which is best concealed with a turtleneck.

For the broad-shouldered, plunging necklines like the scoop-necks and V-necks will draw the attention away from the shoulders. Stay away from tight crewnecks and some square necks. For sleeveless tops, avoid those with straps that are laid too close to the neck.

Narrow-shouldered girls can wear pretty much anything. But if you want to create the illusion of broader shoulders, consider off-the-shoulder tops or halter tops with high necklines.

Necklines for Your Bust and Chest

If you are busty, opt for open-collared shirts and V-necks to minimize the chest. You can also wear off-the-shoulders and square-necks. Avoid tight crewnecks and turtlenecks.

If you're petite on top, make the most of a small chest with boat-necks, cowl-necks and jewel-necks to add width to the upper torso.

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