Necklines For Your Face Shape & Body Type

Plus, learn stylists' tips on choosing necklines that work for you.

Fashion fact: The necklines of your outfits, chosen cleverly, can flatter your shoulders and bust as well as accentuate your face shape. Wonder which styles work for you? Check out your best necklines right here.

Necklines for Your Face Shape

When choosing the necklines that flatter your face shape, what you're trying to achieve is to balance out your face and to de-emphasize the flaws. The trick is to select necklines that are "opposite" to your face shape:

For example, if you have a round full face, you'll want to elongate your face with deep and plunging necklines V-necks and V-shaped scoop-necks are perfect for you. A long face, on the other hand, needs widening, and so is complemented by off-the-shoulders and tube tops. Square, angular jaws can be softened by a lacy or scoop neckline, while girls with small elfish chins do best in boat-necks or wide scooped-necks.

Round-shaped faces: Go for cowl-necked, scooped-neck, square-necked, V-necked, mock turtlenecks
Heart-shaped faces: You'll want boat-neck and jewel-neck tops
Long-shaped faces: Get the turtlenecks and jewel-necks
Oval-shaped faces: You'll look great in almost anything!

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