Makeup Tricks That Flatter Your Features

How to enhance your eyes, lips, cheekbones and more with these clever makeup tips.
It's easy to make the most of your features with the right makeup techniques! We asked fashion makeup artist and beauty expert Sarah Jagger to spill her secret tips and tricks.

To get bigger eyes...

Lighten up your eye makeup. Smoky shadows, albeit sexy, tend to close up the eyes. "The easiest way to make eyes look bigger is to keep the eyelid pale and shimmery," advises Jagger. Sweep this across the eye from your lashes to your brow, then curl your eyelashes to open up your eyes.

Dab a little highlighter. Use an ivory shadow or highlighter on the very inside corners of the eyes (where your upper and lower eyelids start to meet) to make your eyes look brighter.

To get killer cheekbones...

Liquid highlighter makes cheekbones look more pronounced, says Jagger. Pat onto the highest point of the cheekbones either before or after you do your foundation.

Contour with blush. Pick a flesh-tone blush that's darker than your natural skin tone. Buff with a blusher brush to blend along the bottom of the cheekbone to create that strong, sculpted look.

To get fuller lips...

Enhance using a neutral lip liner. Match it closely to your natural lip color and use small forward and backward strokes from the center of the Cupid's bow, working down each side. "The key to making the lips look fuller is to apply your lip liner on the outer edge of the natural lip line -- not too outside the line -- and make sure that it still touches the natural lip line to look subtly fuller," says Jagger.

Avoid lipsticks with matte finishes especially if you have thin lips, as they don't reflect light and can make lips appear flatter.

Dot on clear lip balm above your Cupid's bow and to the center of your bottom lip to catch the light and make your lips appear fuller.

To slim down a broad nose...

Sweep on highlighter. "Dust just a touch of highlighter down the bridge of your nose," adds Jagger. This will visually slim the sides of your nose, making it look longer and thinner.

To downplay a prominent forehead...

Contour with bronzer. "Apply a touch of bronzer with a powder brush to the temples to act as a frame around the center of the forehead," Jagger recommends. Use a neutral bronzer that's just a shade darker than your natural skin tone and don't forget to blend thoroughly.

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