Makeup Tips for Different Skin Tones

Foundation, blusher, eyeshadow and lip shades for different skintones.

Dark Skin Tone

For the dark-skinned, sometimes finding the right foundation shade might not be an easy task. Even if you've found your shade, you are likely to experience slightly different skin tones across your face, so get two or three shades of base to custom-blend the shades where needed.

Foundation: Unless you're very fair-skinned, foundations with a reddish-yellow undertone will suit you. Otherwise, go for one with a soft gold undertone which works better on fairer skin.

Cheeks: Get the deep plum, blackcurrant and dark rose for your cheek color if your skin is very dark. If your skin tone is light brown, caramel, bronze, honey and apricot will complement you.

Eyes: Eyeshadows for you include soft orange, rust, honey and cinnamon.

Lips: Shades of red, mahogany, deep purple, peach, caramel will all work well.
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