Makeup Tips for Different Skin Tones

Foundation, blusher, eyeshadow and lip shades for different skintones.

Yellow Skin Tone

Foundation: Go for a yellow-based foundation and powder, or select a lavender-based loose powder if you want to bring some glow to dull, sallow complexion. Avoid powder that's translucent which can dull your skin tone and can make your features look flat.

Cheeks: For medium to tanned skins, you can wear either pink or orange-toned blush. But opt for dulled versions of these hues, such as rose shades or tawny peach. If you have a fairer complexion, subtle shades of pink will flatter your skin tone.

Eyes: Go for browns or dark orange-browns to create depth and widen the eyes, as most Chinese women have single eyelids and smaller eyes.

Lips: When choosing lip color, look for shades of clove, reddish-brown, and plum (deep purple) shades with hints of brown and red. Avoid orange and orange-red shades, which tend to clash with your skin tone.

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