Hairstyles For Long Face Shapes

Haircut do's and don'ts to flatter a long face.
The right haircut can reshape a long face and bring balance to your proportions. Ready to give your tresses a makeover? Check out these tips from a leading UK hairstylist.

Characteristics of a long face

Before you can choose a style, check whether your face is definitely long. Drawing around your reflection in the mirror with lipstick is an easy way to help you to assess your face shape. Women with long faces typically have a high forehead, narrow cheekbones and a long jawline, explains Faruk Mohammed of Hair by JFK.

Hairstyles for long faces

You obviously want your face to look broader. Bangs are perfect for the job: "They break up the face and give the illusion that the face is smaller," explains Mohammed. Bonus: Blunt bangs and longer side-swept bangs work great at disguising a large forehead, too.

Another styling trick to add width and create a classic oval shape: Volume! Blow-dry hair with a round brush to add fullness at the sides, recommends Mohammed. Waves can also give the illusion of width -- let your hair air-dry if it's naturally curly or wavy or use curling tongs to get the look.

As for the most flattering lengths, short to medium work best. Chin-length or shoulder-grazing bobs with textures and movements at the ends (think Gwyneth-inspired lob) are great for balancing out a narrow face.

For anything past your shoulders, proceed with caution: "Long hair that is poker straight can elongate the face further and exaggerate length," warns Mohammed. But this doesn't mean that long tresses are entirely out of the question -- the key is to make sure that it doesn't drag down your face. To do this, Mohammed suggests adding sexy waves a la Sarah Jessica Parker or getting layers cut into longer length hair. Make sure the layers hit key features such as the cheekbones and chin and ideally, the shortest layers should be chin-length.

Celebs with long faces

Want to take hair inspiration from the stars? Actresses Gwyneth Paltrow, Sarah Jessica Parker and Hilary Swank are just a few examples of famous faces with a long face shape.

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