Hairstyles For Heart Face Shapes

Bangs and cuts that make the most of heart-shaped faces.
Wider at the brow and narrower at the chin, heart-shaped faces often have lovely, delicate features which can be further enhanced with the right hairstyle. We asked a top UK hairdresser to recommend the most flattering cuts.

Characteristics of a heart-shaped face

Many women find it difficult to determine their face shape. Are you one of them? Try this trick to help you! Scrape your hair back from your face and trace around your reflection in the mirror with a lip pencil. This can make it easier to see which category your face shape falls into. A heart-shaped face will be widest at the forehead, narrowing down to a small delicate chin, says Martin Crean of Mode.

Hairstyles for heart-shaped faces

A heart-shaped face usually has fabulous cheekbones so you'll want to pick a look that accentuates them. The simplest way to do that is to go for bangs that play up your eyes and good bone structure.

Long side-swept bangs styled with a deep side part showcase the cheekbones and draw attention away from a pointy chin, says Crean. Take a lead from Reese Witherspoon and team it with shoulder-length lob for a sophisticated style.

Another flattering option: Shiny, straight-cut bangs that hit the brows look uber-sweet and hide a wide forehead. Add soft waves styled strategically to balance your face shape and you've got a gorgeous look in the style of Christina Ricci. Just curl from mid-length to ends to add width around the lower face, then finish with a touch of serum to tame curls and minimize the dreaded frizz.

Heart-shaped faces are versatile, so when it comes to hair lengths anywhere from chin-length to a few inches below the shoulders will work great. Just avoid going too long or it can crowd your features. Crean recommends adding piecey face-framing layers to soften the chin area and bring out your cheekbones.

The gamine pixie cut is another winning look, although it's not for the shy. "Delicate, wispy sections of hair in front of the ears help to frame the eyes, which is key for flattering heart-shaped faces," says Crean. The pixie is also ridiculously simple to maintain! "It's a great wash-and-go cut so as long as you have regular trims to keep it in shape, you really only need a little wax to add texture and hold it in places," he adds.

Celebs with heart faces

"Reese Witherspoon is a classic example of this face shape," says Crean. Fellow actress Christina Ricci is another famous face with a heart-shaped face.

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