Hairstyles For Diamond Face Shapes

Bangs and cuts that make the most of this dramatic face shape.
Showcasing prominent cheekbones with a narrow forehead and chin, the diamond face shape is one of the rarest face shapes around. You're lucky, because there are lots of styles that will flaunt your dramatic features. Leading UK hairdresser Neil Barton gave us his top hairstyling tips for the diamond-shaped face.

Characteristics of a diamond face

Not sure exactly what shape your face is? Here's an easy way to help you decide. Pull your hair back into a ponytail and draw around your reflection in the mirror with lipstick or eyeliner. A diamond face will be narrow at both the forehead and chin, with the widest point of the face across the cheekbones, says Barton.

Hairstyles for diamond faces

You're blessed with a fabulous bone structure so go ahead and flaunt it. Barton recommends following actress Scarlett Johansson's lead and "tucking in" your hair behind the ear to show off those wonderful cheekbones.

At the same time, your goal is to add width to your chin and forehead. With soft waves focused below her cheekbones, Johansson's asymmetrical 'do is ultra-flattering for her diamond-shaped face because all that volume helps balance out a narrow chin. Barton suggests using serum while your hair is still damp, leaving it to air-dry until about 80 percent dry and then blasting the lower length of the hair with a diffuser to get the right look.

Another equally flattering option that adds width at the chin: Think chin-length bob or a shoulder-length style flicked out around the jaw, says Barton. Warm some hair clay in the palm of your hand and use your fingers to tease straight medium length hair into flicks, he adds.

Most diamond-shaped faces also tend to be longer. If you fall into this category, bangs are recommended, he advises. Unlike many other face shapes, you can get away with straight, blunt cut bangs -- they de-emphasize the length of your face and draw attention to your cheekbones. Gentle, side swept bangs a la Christy Turlington's are another great option that help camouflage your narrow forehead as well as show off great cheekbones. To avoid your face looking longer than it is, avoid styles that add height and volume on top, says Barton.

Celebs with diamond faces

Actress Scarlett Johansson and supermodel Christy Turlington are prominent examples of a celebrities with this face shape.

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