Finding Your Skin Undertone

Find out if your have a warm or cool undertone, and the right makeup for your skintone.

Choosing Foundation, Concealer and Powder for Your Undertone

The basic rule of foundation is this: when applied, the finish should be as natural-looking as possible. Foundation is not meant to hide imperfections completely or to alter your natural skintone.

So when you choose your foundation shade, it should have the same undertone as your natural skintone. Same goes for concealers and powders.

Pick a shade from your skintone family to achieve a natural-looking makeup:

Foundation / Concealer / Powder Shades
Warm ShadesCreamy Beige, Nude, Creamy Peach
Cool ShadesSandstone, Faded Tan, Porcelain
NeutralWheat, Honey Cream, Ivory Bisque
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