Finding Your Skin Undertone

Find out if your have a warm or cool undertone, and the right makeup for your skintone.

Determining Your Undertone

What is the color cast of your skin under a natural light?
If you see a golden, yellow, orange, green, or bronze cast, your skin has a warm undertone.
If you see pink, rosy, beige, or red/brown cast, your skin has a cool undertone.

If you're unsure, remove your makeup and try this:
Stand in front of the mirror under natural light. With 1 gold and 1 silver top or fabric in each hand, take turn to drape each piece over your shoulder and chest. Compare the effect and decide which color piece brightens and brings life to your skin, and which piece dulls your face.

The color gold has a yellow base (warm) which will compliment you if you have a warm undertone, while silver, with its blue base (cool), will flatter those with cool undertones.
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