Find Your Perfect Jeans Fit!

5 stylists' secrets to finding your perfect-fitting pair.

The sheer versatility of denim jeans is what makes it an all-time favorite wardrobe staple. But finding that winning pair of jeans is no easy task as you've undoubtedly discovered, getting the right size doesn't mean you've found the perfect fit. So what makes a pair of jeans fit like a dream? Stylists point out five key areas to look out for:

1. Rise

The rise of your jeans determines where the waistband sits. Medium- and low-rise jeans sit low on the waist at the top of your hipbone, while high-rise has a waistband that sits at or just below the navel. Which kind of rise you choose really depends on your preference, but here are some guidelines to help you make your decision: Low-rise lengthens the torso and balances out a short waist; high-rise has the benefit of tummy control by pulling in the abdominal area.

2. Waist

For the best fit, look for a contoured waist which starts higher behind for a molding, curvy shape and slopes down lower in the front. Almost every woman will look great in a contoured fit like this because the flattering lines at the waist will enhance curves and lengthen legs.

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