Figure Fixers: How to Dress Slimmer

Slimming dress tips that instantly take 5 pounds off.
Look thinner and find clothes that flatter your figure with style tips from on how to disguise common trouble spots like busty upper body, flabby waist and chunky legs.

Overall Slimming

  • Go Monochromatic. Dressing top-to-toe in a similar color can make you appear taller and slimmer. There's no need to be too exact in color-matching, as long as they're in the same color family.

  • Dark Pieces. Dark colors peel away kilos. But don't just stick to black: Other variants like charcoal and navy work just as well too.

  • Thin Vertical or Diagonal Stripes. Thinner stripes will make you appear more petite. Stay away horizontal stripes.

  • Heels. Shoes with heels make you appear taller, arch your back, thrust your chest and tighten your calves. Great posture, better legs. Need we say more?

  • Not Too Tight. You can still wear fitting styles but make sure that they are flowy and skim nicely on your body to accentuate your curves. Clothes that cling too tightly will showcase your flaws instead.

  • Tummy Control. Almost everyone wears those elastic tummy-control panties when they're attending formal parties in a slinky number.

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