Best Bikini Styles for Your Figure

Sexy bikinis for all shapes and sizes! Shop with this checklist to find your perfect bikini.
If you thought bikinis are only for perfect bodies, think again! The fact is every girl can look good in bikinis that are chosen correctly to flaunt what she has got, and mask what she has not. We are all self-conscious about some part of our figure, so no matter it's too-wide hips, that tummy flab or a flat chest, all you need to do is shop with our Bikini Checklist: Simply check off as many points as you can to find the bikini style that flatters your shape most.

Best bikinis for:

Small Breasts

  • Paddings. To create fuller cleavage, wear a padded underwire halter-neck top.

  • Bold Prints. Printed tops help maximize a small bust.

  • Opt for Bandeau. Breasts can look bigger with a bandeau top.

  • Go Demi. Demi-bra (half-cup) style makes the most of a dainty bustline.

  • Adjustable Straps. Look for a top with adjustable straps that tie behind the neck and around back so that you can tighten and adjust to help fill out the top line.

  • Ruffles and Details. If you're conscious about your small breasts, then opt for textured details at the top, such as ruffles and smocking.

  • Click here to Start Shopping for Your BikiniFlaunt 'Em. If you're happy with small perky breasts, you can show them off with those tiny triangle tops!

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