3 Ways To Rock Sheer Red Lips

Try this modern toned-down version of the classic red pout.
If you have a secret crush for sexy red lips, but a dramatic scarlet mouth is just too bold for you, take it in baby steps! In other words, go red but think sheer -- this modern toned-down version of the classic Marilyn Monroe-esque pout looks every bit as hot, but it's a lot less intimidating for red-lip newbies.

Here's how to bring out your inner goddess with the softest tinge of red:


Wear a tinted balm

It's the sheerest way to wear red on your lips without a huge commitment. Opt for the faintest tint to get that just just-ate-a-raspberry-popsicle look.


Try a gloss

A gloss has less pigment than lipstick, so don't be afraid to choose the tube with boldest red -- it will come out a gorgeous rosy tinge when applied to your lips, not to mention impart lots of shine!


Pat on the lipstick

Applying red lipstick with a lip brush deposits the most intense color. To tone down the look, skip the brush. Instead, pat the lipstick on with your finger over bare lips for the barest of color.

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