10 Ideas to Recycle Your Makeup

Clever ways to put your unwanted makeup supplies to good use.

We've all purchased makeup that ended up unused colors that looked pretty in the tub somehow turn out just wrong on our faces. But instead of letting them go to waste, here are ten alternative double-duty ideas to put them to good use.

Foundation Base

1. Recycle As: Highlight/Shadow
  • If you have purchased the wrong shade of foundation, make them work as highlighting/ contouring colors to sculpt your features instead. Foundations that are 1-2 shades darker than your skin tone can be used as contour shades while those that are a few tones lighter are perfect as highlighters.

  • 2. Recycle As: Blusher
  • Dark tones can also be used as blusher for an ultra-natural flush.

  • Blusher

    3. Recycle As: Eyeshadow
  • Recycle unwanted blusher by converting them to eyeshadows. And vice versa, if the eyeshadows are in the correct earthy hues.

  • 4. Recycle As: Cleavage shader
  • Blusher, especially bronzer, can be applied to really enhance the cleavage and make the bustline appear fuller. Sweep a line of bronzer between breasts with a fluffy brush to accentuate the shadow, and blend.

  • Brow pencil

    5. Recycle As: Eyeliner
  • Using your brown kohl brow pencil to line your eyes allows for a softer finish. You can go heavier with brown eyeliners without looking severe.

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